When your teeth are uneven, chipped or discolored, it may be hard to smile. If this is your problem, porcelain veneers could be the solution.
Porcelain laminate veneers are a wonderful way to correct stained or misaligned teeth and are one of the most esthetic means of creating a more pleasing and beautiful smile. Porcelain dental veneers are wafer-thin shells of ceramic material that are bonded onto the front side of teeth so to create a cosmetic improvement for a tooth.

The glass-like, translucent ceramic that forms porcelain veneers closely resembles natural tooth enamel. When light strikes a natural tooth’s surface it penetrates the tooth enamel and reflects off the opaque tooth dentin that lies beneath. This translucent effect gives teeth their luster. By replicating this, porcelain veneers make patients’ smiles bright, natural-looking, beautiful and strong.

Porcelain veneers require a minimal amount of tooth reduction (approximately .5 mm) and are, therefore, among the most conservative of esthetic dental restorations. They allow dentists to alter patient’s tooth position, shape, size and color.

Porcelain dental veneers can also be used to cover and repair cracked and chipped teeth. Because porcelain veneers are custom made, they customize and improve much more than just the color of teeth. Misaligned and chipped teeth can have their appearances improved to create beautifully radiant new smiles.
The first stage of cosmetic enhancement with porcelain dental veneers is to visit Dr. Martin and discuss the goals for treatment. During the second office visit, teeth are prepared for porcelain dental veneers. This involves buffing the front surface of teeth, which removes an approximately one-half-millimeter layer of enamel. The thin porcelain veneers are eventually set in place of this enamel. Then a mold of the teeth is taken and porcelain veneers are custom made to fit the teeth and complement the smile.

On the final office visit the porcelain veneers are placed on teeth. The color of the dental veneers precisely match the surrounding teeth, which provides the appropriate color that has both a beautiful luster and a natural appearance. After that the adhesive is hardened using a special light.
Although porcelain dental veneers are not the only alternative for all esthetic abnormalities, they are truly a remarkable restoration when they are the treatment of choice.

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